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Why VDI?

Imagine suffering from aging servers and slow connection speeds that limit your ability to be successful

Not ideal, is it?

So, let's say that you upgrade your infrastructure, but then 8 years later you expand and add locations. Then what do you do?

Well, if you don't select the right partner from the beginning, then you are probably starting all over.  

Evangelical Homes of Michigan (EHM) picked the right partner and we have been helping them make IT right for years.

EHM came to us originally back in 2007 when they were suffering from a myriad of facility, network, and application delivery problems, including:

  • Network connectivity interruptions
  • Power failures
  • Data backup failures
  • Citrix XenApp roaming profile issues        
  • Unstable printing
  • Published applications and desktops
  • Poor overall system reliability
  • Rigid, inflexible IT Infrastructure

IT responsibilities fell squarely on the shoulders of the CFO, Larry Petroskey, who hired a local managed services provider to perform remote management and monitoring, IT project implementation services and break / fix support for their IT infrastructure, which consisted of an entire rack of aged servers and two T1 lines.

However, in 2007 they hit their breaking point. EHM recognized the risk that the aging and dysfunctional IT infrastructure posed for the organization and its clients.  They knew that time was of the essence to implement a new, robust solution that would provide them with the scalability, agility and stability to focus on their mission. 

The Solution

After considering several different solutions that included significant capital expenditures, EHM chose to hire an IT Director and implement UltraLevel’s CloudSAFE IT private cloud solution.  With this solution, UltraLevel combined a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with full-service IT support, all housed in CloudSAFE's datacenters.

“Outsourcing our entire IT infrastructure sounded like a great idea, but I was a little nervous. UltraLevel made me feel very comfortable with its conservative approach.” said Larry Petroskey, CFO.  “UltraLevel has allowed us to remain focused on strategic initiatives rather than being consumed with the day-to-day headache of keeping our IT infrastructure up and running.”

UltraLevel’s CloudSAFE IT has provided EHM the resources and IT support that the organization needs to succeed with a predictable operational expense model by transforming their IT into a consumption based utility service.  All the while UltraLevel keeps their IT infrastructure up-to-date allowing for them to continuously adapt and implement new technology, features and functions to deliver agility, reliability and performance to the end users. 

In 2014, when Evangelical opened a new campus they simply contacted UltraLevel, who worked with CloudSAFE to ready the systems to accommodate the new site and user base.  “I simply contacted UltraLevel to advise them of our plans to open a new campus, and they immediately began working with me to ensure a solid IT plan was in place.  From there, UltraLevel and CloudSAFE took care of everything from the IT standpoint – the firewalls, network connection, thin clients, user setup and more”, said Walter Curry, IT Director. “UltraLevel really raised the bar for our users’ expectations. I don’t know how I would be able to deliver on those expectations without them." 

The Benefits

  • Work from anywhere, with any device connected to the internet
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Proactive system monitoring and management
  • Proactive infrastructure recommendations (virtual CIO/CTO/CSO service)
  • Proactive patch management of all desktops and servers
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware with 0 day update
  • Next Generation Unified Threat Management (UTM)
  • Data Backup and Recovery with 4 hour RPO and 6 months of data retention
  • All company data resides in Tier III U.S. based data centers, no data resides on site reducing risk of theft or compliance issues.